New AMETEK Taylor Hobson Surtronic S-100 Series


A portable roughness tester with robustness, versatility and extensive connectivity to support a wide range of surface measurement applications has been introduced by AMETEK Taylor Hobson ( For ease of use, the new Surtronic S-100 Series includes a large touch-screen and highly intuitive proprietary software. It is suitable for both shop floor and inspection room use.

Versatility features include a 50mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment and a stylus reach of over 70mm. This allows even the most challenging surface measurement without the use of expensive riser blocks, stands or fixtures. The robust stylus can also measure upside down.

Applications include:

  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipelines
  • Sheet Steel
  • Aerospace
  • Print Rollers
  • Flooring
  • Bonding
  • Quality Control

New Surtronic S-100-Series portable roughness testers provide versatile surface measurement for multiple manufacturing quality applications.


Compact Surtronic S-100 roughness tester features a large touch screen with highly intuitive software.


Granite column and stand with vee block supports cylindrical applications.


Crank system allows efficient measurement of thrust faces and journals.


Support stand with four degrees of freedom assists with awkward measurements.

Several connectivity choices are provided by the instrument’s industry-standard USB and USB mini ports. Roughness measurements for multiple parts can either be stored internally or saved to a standard USB memory device. The USB port also can also be used to attach a portable printer. This allows printed data to accompany a part to the next stage of manufacture. The mini port can be used to charge the device with any standard USB charger or for connection to a PC for data analysis and reporting.

The tester’s rubberized, impact-resistant body offers protection and an improved comfort grip. It surrounds the recessed, Mylar-protected high-durability touch screen and a solid stainless steel drive mechanism with anti-wear gears and bearings.

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