Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Data Logger


If you are new to data logging, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I buy a data logger instead of another way to collect data?” True, a data logger is only one of the many different options available to record electrical or physical data, but CAS DataLoggers has identified ten compelling reasons businesses and organizations should strongly consider using data loggers:

  1. Automatically collect data without human error or reminders
  2. Minimize manual measurement errors using high-accuracy technology
  3. Significantly reduce labor costs and time wasted on manual methods
  4. Cost-effective, affordable devices given all their features and savings
  5. Automatically generate alarms whenever conditions suddenly go out of specification
  6. Keep permanent electronic records for regulatory compliance and legal proof
  7. More dependable operation than a PC running MS Windows
  8. Analyze data more easily using convenient programs like Excel
  9. Battery-powered solutions for monitoring remote sites or critical applications
  10. Decrease response times and potentially prevent disasters by making data available to many different users.

Having hundreds of different models from more than 16 manufacturers to handle almost any data recording application, CAS DataLoggers has a comprehensive selection of data logging equipment. With models featuring anywhere from 1 to 300 channels, it records temperature, humidity, force/strain, and pressure, as well as voltage, current, digital signals, serial (RS-232/RS-485), CAN/OBD, or SDI-12 devices.

Having flown units on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, it may be used in a wide variety of applications in: remote monitoring; the industrial process and manufacturing industries; automotive and aerospace data collection; pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage; and geological and environmental monitoring.

CAS DataLoggers also offers sophisticated data acquisition and control systems including high performance real-time devices for situations where traditional test systems or programmable controllers are not suitable. These systems are extensively used in data acquisition, test and control applications where microsecond precision is needed. Models range from 8 to over 400 analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs, counters, RS-232, RS-485 CANbus and Profibus interfaces.

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