B&K 2532B Digital Storage Oscilloscope


B&K Precision Corporation (www.bkprecision.com) has announced that its 2532B Digital Storage Oscilloscope offers reliable performance and essential features at an affordable price.

The dual channel oscilloscope delivers 40 MHz bandwidth, a maximum of 500 MSa/s sampling rate and a waveform memory of up to 32,000 points for each channel. It features 5.7-inch color display and combines analog style knobs and controls with a smart Auto set function, effectively making the oscilloscope easy to use.

Featuring various options to debug circuits, the oscilloscope offers 32 automatic measurements, advanced triggering and FFT functions. It is ideally suited for educators as its Auto button can be disabled, requiring users to learn how to manually set up the oscilloscope.


Offering seamless integration between the PC and oscilloscope, the EasyScope software allows users to capture and transfer waveforms, setups, measurement results and screen images to a Windows PC through the rear USB device port of the device. A front USB host port allows for easy and quick screen saving.

The 2532B oscilloscope also allows users to analyze and monitor long-term signal behavior by continuously recording data over a longer period of time and play them back during post acquisition analysis.


Using the integrated digital filters, users can filter out unwanted signal components, while its multi-language interface enables users to operate the oscilloscope in a language best understood by them. Users can select from Simplified Chinese, English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Korean.

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