LeCroy SDA 760Zi-A Oscilloscope: A powerful and versatile solution


LeCroy (www.lecroy.com) provides oscilloscope users with the confidence needed to ensure proper functionality as its SDA 760Zi-A offers the most versatile and powerful solution for determining the main cause of serial data compliance failures.

Offering six GHz bandwidth, this four channel oscilloscope delivers a maximum real-time sampling rate of 40 GS/s and a record length of 32 Mpts/ch. Unlike some solutions that offers problem notification, the SDA 760Zi-A is the only oscilloscope that helps users identify the problem and keep the project back on track.

It is equipped with LeCroy’s QualiPHY compliance test suite, which offers the best solutions to configure, automate and document standardized tests. In case the design fails during compliance testing, the oscilloscope also features a debugging toolset to provide users with insight into eye and jitter analysis.


With Quick View, the oscilloscope shows the TIE Track, Eye Diagram, Jitter histogram, Bathtub Curve, Jitter Spectrum and NQ-Scale, while X-Stream II Architecture offers fast eye interpretation and fast updates.

The SDA 760Zi-A allows users to rapidly isolate the source of the problem in the design while offering advanced usability such as mask violation locator, 8b/10b decode, equalization and ISI plot that are easy to find. To achieve true amplitude and rise time measurements, the oscilloscope provides cable de-embedding and cable characteristics that automatically adjusts cable effects. On math analysis, the oscilloscope employs the same flexible math that offers users with valuable understanding of design behavior.


In addition, the oscilloscope also features a high-speed pattern trigger option of up to 2.7 Gb/s, which offers a recovered clock as well as data output on the oscilloscope’s front.

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