LeCroy upgrades LabMaster 10 Zi’s bandwidth to 65 GHz


From the previous 60 GHz, LeCroy (www.lecroy.com) announced that it has optimized its LabMaster 10 Zi Series to offer 65 GHz, effectively making it the world’s fastest real-time oscilloscope.

The company has also revealed its roadmap to provide a real-time bandwidth of up to 100 GHz in the LabMaster 10 Zi platform. The increase in bandwidth offering is attributed to outstanding results seen with 8HP SiGe chipsets.

To be offered in 2013, the first 100 GHz real-time oscilloscope will employ the oscilloscope manufacturer’s patented DBI (Digital Bandwidth Interleave) technology. This technology has been supplied since 2010 to customers and is used to achieve 45 GHz real-time bandwidth in LeCroy’s current product lines.


The silicon bandwidth advantage of LeCroy is accounted for its vast experience with mainstream, commercial SiGe processes. It utilized 8HP SiGe to offer 36 GHz on four channel oscilloscopes.

Meanwhile, the company’s 65 GHz models as well as its 100 GHz plans are implemented with DBI technology. Its proprietary ChannelSync architecture featured in LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes allows users to accurately synchronize up to 40 65 GHz/160 GS/s DBI channels and up to 80 silicon-based 36 GHz/80 GS/s channels — a capability not otherwise offered by other oscilloscope manufacturers.

The most ambitious product line yet of LeCroy, LabMaster 10 Zi comprises four-channel 36 GHz modules with up to 65 GHz bandwidth.

“LabMaster oscilloscopes have played a key role in our research at Bell Labs. In our coherent MIMO experiments, the modular oscilloscope system synchronizes all twelve high-speed channels for us, which significantly facilitates our experiments,” said Dr. Peter Winzer from Bell Labs.

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