LeCroy WaveRunner 204Xi-A’s oscilloscope innovative tools make analysis easier


The unique tools of LeCroy’s (www.lecroy.com) WaveRunner 204Xi-A has made multi-domain analysis, advanced debug and waveshape analysis possible, while its optional application packages help users understand complex problems.

Featuring two GHz bandwidth, this four channel oscilloscope is designed with 10.4-inch Color Touch Screen Display while offering a maximum sampling rate of five GS/s and a memory length of 12.5 Mpts/Ch.

The oscilloscope’s fast viewing modes, advanced triggers, serial decodes or measurement parameters all contribute to make its basic system validation simple and easy. For enhanced understanding of serial data signals, users can trigger on SPI, I2C, RS-232, UART, LIN, AudioBus (I2S, LJ, RJ, TDM), CAN or MIL-STD-1553 or FlexRay serial data patterns to intuitively decode values on the oscilloscope grid.


In addition, its high sampling rate coupled with WaveStream fast viewing mode allows users to easily characterize rise time, shape, overshoot and verify the absence or presence of high-speed transients.

With Sequence Mode, users can partition the oscilloscope’s acquisition memory into segments, enabling it to capture events of interest over long periods of time. Each segment of the captured events can be individually viewed and analyzed by the users.

The WaveRunner 204Xi-A oscilloscope features Search and Analysis Wavescan, which allows the oscilloscope to locate unusual events with just a single capture. Using over 20 different search/scan modes, the oscilloscope can easily scan for an event even in various acquisitions over longer periods of time. Intuitive scanned results can be easily displayed using ScanOverlay or ScanHisto functions.

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