PicoScope 6402A Oscilloscope offers 5 GS/s


Pico Technology (www.picotech.com) has introduced a four channel oscilloscope that offers 250 MHz bandwidth, a maximum real-time sampling rate of five GS/s, a vertical resolution of eight bits and a memory depth of 128 MS — the PicoScope 6402.

Aside from the standard set of trigger functions offered in most oscilloscopes, the PicoScope 6402 is specifically designed with an advanced set of triggers to help users easily capture the needed data.


To conveniently manage all the data, the oscilloscope offers a maximum zoom factor of 100 million which is combined with two zoom methods. Its conventional set of zoom controls comes with an overview window that offers users a good view of the entire waveform while zooming in and repositioning the display by dragging the mouse.

The oscilloscope’s custom probe settings allow users to correct attenuation, gain, non-linearities and offsets in special probes, or convert measurements. It also enables users to save definitions to disk.

With high-speed circuitry, the oscilloscope can trigger on and capture more than one million waveforms per second, effectively increasing the chances of capturing an infrequent glitch.

In addition, it is integrated with a function generator, which can generate standard waveforms, such as square, DC, sine and triangle level, from DC to 20 MHz. Featuring basic controls to set level, frequency and offset, the PicoScope 6402A also offers advanced controls that allow users to sweep over a vast array of frequencies.

The oscilloscope is still fast and easy to use although it offers various advanced functions and features.

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