Tektronix DPO7104C offers industry’s most complete signal visualization


Tektronix (www.tek.com) has introduced a four channel oscilloscope from the DPO7000C Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Series that delivers a maximum real-time sampling rate of 20 GS/s and offers one GHz bandwidth.

Offering the most complete visualization of signals, the DPO7104C delivers fast insight into the device’s real operation. Its integrated FastAcq technology enables the oscilloscope to deliver fast waveform capture, allowing users to view glitches as well as other infrequent events within seconds.

Its digital phosphor display with color intensity grading provides users with a visual display of the signal activity’s history by utilizing color to mark areas of the signal that frequently occur.

Additionally, the oscilloscope also maintains fine timing resolution while capturing long windows of signal activity thanks to its deep record length of up to 250M points. To help users easily find events, the DPO7104C offers a comprehensive set of triggers, which include glitch, runt, timeout, width, pattern, transition, setup/hold violation, state, comm, window and serial pattern. Its Enhanced Triggering mode can be used as a measurement reference while reducing trigger jitter at the trigger point.


The digital phosphor oscilloscope also enables complex system debug and validation with its Pinpoint triggering, which utilizes Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technology to deliver more than 1400 trigger combinations and offer trigger performance up to the oscilloscope’s bandwidth.

Other feature-rich tools of the oscilloscope include Advanced Search and Mark and MultiView Zoom. For common technologies and in-depth analysis tasks, the oscilloscope offers over 15 optional software and analysis packages.

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