Tektronix TDS2002C oscilloscope delivers 1GS/s


Tektronix (www.tek.com) offers affordable performance in a compact design with the TDS2002C digital storage oscilloscope.

This 70 MHz dual channel oscilloscope delivers a maximum real-time sampling rate of one GS/s and a record length of up to 2.5k points, while standard features include 16 automated measurements, USB connectivity, limit testing, context-sensitive help and data logging.

The oscilloscope has been specifically designed to ensure that sampling performance is not compromised when using multiple channels. In addition, the oscilloscope is equipped with critical tools for easy troubleshooting of device. Its advanced triggers, which include pulse width, video and rising/falling edge, help users isolate signals of interest.


Upon capturing a signal, the oscilloscope’s automated measurements and advanced math capabilities speed analysis. Its built-in Limit Test function allows users to identify problems in the signal easily, while its 16 automated measurements reliably and quickly calculate signal characteristics such as rise time or frequency.

For ease of use, the TDS2002C has been integrated with intuitive user interface that comes with dedicated per-channel vertical controls, auto-ranging and auto-setup. These features effectively reduce learning time and increase efficiency.

Its front panel USB host port allows users to save screenshots, waveform data and instrument settings in a flash. On the other hand, its built-in Data Logging feature enables users to save user-specified waveforms into a USB memory device even for up to 24 hours. For continuous waveform monitoring, the ‘Infinite option’ allows users to save triggered waveforms, without a duration limitation, to an external USB memory device.

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