NXP’s 5-MHz UFm Bus Controllers Optimized for Complex Data Transfers


NXP Semiconductors has created the industry’s first high-performance I2C-bus controllers capable of handling both Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) and the new Ultra Fast-mode (UFm) specification, which has transmit-only data transfer rates up to 5 Mbit/s. By providing one very large 4.25-kB data buffer per channel and significantly reducing interrupts to the host processor, the PCx966x product family has been optimized for efficient I2C designs in repetitive data-intensive LED controller and stepper motor applications, such as those found in the gaming industry.

The I2C bus has changed chip-to-chip communications by replacing complex parallel interfaces with a straightforward serial structure using a simple two-wire format. The I2C bus continues to be used for system management and control in computing and enterprise equipment, and in portable and consumer applications, where it shrinks the IC footprint and leads to lower system costs. Operating at speeds of up to 5 MHz, the new Ultra Fast-mode (UFm) is a uni-directional push-pull serial bus suited for driving LED controllers and other devices that do not require feedback. With its newest UFm and Fm+ bus controllers, I2C performance enhances gaming systems, by improving management of large, complex data transfers, and enabling stronger resistance to electrical shock attacks.

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