Tektronix boosts DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope


Tektronix, Inc. (www.tek.com) enhances its DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope with the OM4000 Series Optical Modulation Analyzer, which enables the device to perform analysis on PM-QPSK, QAM as well as other complex-modulation signals, with higher vertical resolution of 16 bits.

As a result of this enhancement, the oscilloscope will cater flexibility to optical networking manufacturers and designers in selecting between real-time and equivalent-time acquisition systems that will address their measurement needs.

Tektronix prides as the first optical modulation systems to offer a single modulation analyzer capable of working with both equivalent-time and real-time oscilloscopes.


The DSA8300 oscilloscope, enhanced by the OM4000 analyzer, is designed for network equipment manufacturers and designers who are in need of lower costs and higher vertical resolution.

Aside from 16-bit vertical resolution and 450uV RMS noise floor at 60 GHz, the DSA8300 oscilloscope, in this application, also features extra dynamic range and accuracy and up to 60 GHz bandwidth on four channels. Timing jitter is cut to as low as 450fs RMS, allowing visibility into real signal performance.

“As the worldwide demand for bandwidth continues to grow at a rapid pace, our customers are being asked to find ways to increase the efficiency, data rates and reliability of optical network equipment while at the same time reducing cost,” said Brian Reich, General Manager, Performance Oscilloscopes at Tektronix.

He added that along with the new enhancement, the OM4000 Series will be able to meet the needs for “cost-saving flexibility, higher vertical resolution and future-proof levels of measurement bandwidth.”

Meanwhile, the Tektronix OM4000 Series Optical Modulation Analyzer Solutions is capable of accurate characterization of serial communications in fiber starting from 100 Gb/s and beyond.

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